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Default Is this right?

850mHz intel Celeron 256M
nVidia Geforce2MX400 (64meg)
Mandrake 9.0

I have this up and running, but I was wondering if the geforce card is "accelerating".
Whenever I try to run Tuxracer, the screen gets a frame rate of maybe 10 per min. it stops, waits 3 or 4 secs then jumps way ahead.
The rest of the games seem alright (the ones I have tried).
When I was installing mandrake the video card was listed as a gf2DDRgeneric, not MX400.
Do I need to install a new driver?
Is there a way to tell if the card is performing properly?
I have also read that X does this to games, is this my problem?
thank you
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