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Default Re: *THE OFFICIAL* WOW Thread

Ya I saw that vamp. It blows. That has nothing to do with dueling or PVP. It has to do with us being able to help the group out. Why they would do that is beyond me. It is a talent that does not give us a advantage over another class.

On a side note. I was in ST with a upper lvl rogue. He said keep the group near him cuz he can hit his target and on more. I laughed and said, you mean like my sweeping strikes, cleave and whirl wind, whirl wind BTW hit about 4 or 5 enemies at that same time. He said "YOU HAVE ALL THOSE ABILITIES!?" I said ya...that is why we are the tank and the taunt botts. From then on he was my buddy and was one of the most helpfull rogues in any group. He took all my suggestions and either did them or took them seriously then gave his opinion which was usually spot on.

I love it when we have a balanced group, rogue scouts and sapps hunter targets and sets trap, mage sheeps and dps *****s the target, priest cages, heals and aids mage in dps and the pally sits there in his free epic mount. BAHAHA couldn't help that last one. Seriously the pally helps be a secondary tank and it is much needed. I do like grouping with pallies. Oh and the warrior holds the mob together and pulls adds off casters. The way it should be.
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