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Default Re: Is it worth the money? (TI4200 vs. FX5200)

Your computer seriously needs a big overhaul. At my local hardware store, I can get a MSI K7N2 Delta FISR which is a completely packed NF2-400 for $85, and an XP-M 2500+ for $130 and then a decent cooler for like $35. Pair that with a Micron 512MB pc3200 stick for only $60. That's all about $310, and that's all in canadian dollars. You could probably get all for like $200 in US. With Xp-m at 2.4GHz, 1gb ddr400 and an overclocked Ti4200, I managed to do 14,000 in 3D01, so you should really save up. Just $200 will like triple your performance b/c of the mobo/cpu/ram you're running right now (256mb is really really low).

I understand you're probably low on money, so I hope you find a really good deal. If you are really gonna buy something, you should only consider the nForce2 400. It's the only chance you're gonna get to use like a Mobile to get 2.4GHz+. NF2 is the only choice and that's it. The VIA chipsets simply don't compare to NF2..

Anyway, I found the Epox 8RDA3i for $58 at newegg. It's a really good board, prolly better than Shuttle, and it's a good price. The MSI K7N2 Delta LSR is also about $61. Another good deal.
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