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Default Re: nVidia Linux Driver support for mobile video cards (Geforce* Go)...

I have a Dell Latitude C810 with a GeForce4 440 Go (32MB). When I had FC1 installed with driver 5336, everything worked great. When I upgraded to FC3 and started using some of the most recent drivers, nvidia just doesn't work any more. I have tried Ignoreing the EDID and setting the modeline to be the same as the nv driver, and it doesn't work.

Just using the nvidia driver (from 6xxx to 7174) produces these vertical lines along the right side of the screen. It also removes some of the pixels at the bottom replaces them with a reflection of the top part of the screen. The xorg.0 file says it can't produce 1600x1200 resolution so it uses 1400 x 1050 instead. Ignoreing EDID and using nv's supported settings gets rid of the vertical lines on the right, but produces two squashed images (1600x600 and repeated at the lower half with 1600x600).

I have absolutely no problems with the nv driver. The only problem is that it's not as fast as the nvidia driver has been in the past. I'm not sure what nvidia has been doing, but they took a huge step backwards for support on my hardware since the 5336 driver.
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