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Default Re: nVidia Linux Driver support for mobile video cards (Geforce* Go)...

(good old) BLACK SCREEN FREEZE with GeForce2 Go (Mandriva LE2005 on Acer TravelMate 634XC)
Following all possible suggestions on this news thread (thanks for those who tried)
I tried
module options with various Mobile values
and xorg options in all combinations

1. Do you think it can be the case that my modelines and/or sync/refresh values are incorrect and that is the cause of the problem (given the assumption that probing
with EDID is not adequate)? If yes, how can I obtain these data?

2. In fact I had the same problem with earlier versions. I think nvidia version 5354 worked last, however with my current kernel, earlier versions of the nvidia
driver fail to compile. This means now I am really stuck with non-accelerated
vesa/nv, right?

3. Is there ever a chance that the code maintainers reply to at least some of the serious long-standing problems or is this forum only kindof user's sandbox?

Any ideas are welcome.
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