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Default Re: *THE OFFICIAL* WOW Thread

Originally Posted by Nuvian
AGI/STA imo,since agi improves your chance to cirt+will effect your tanking ability,STR is over rated. 20 STR = 40 attack power which translates roughly to 2.86 DPS. Considering that the average high level warrior has about a +120 to two of his "main" stats, we can safely assume that he gains a 17.16 boost to his DPS through strength enhancing items. This makes quite a large difference in single hits as well, which is important for instant attacks. 20 Agility gives a 1% increased crit chance, so 6% crit boost is a reasonable expectation. So, if you were crit oriented with Axe spec, you'd have like a 15% base crit rate, so 21% crit from +Agi items. Basically, in 20 hits, you'd crit one extra time. Not at all worth the loss in damage.
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