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Default BUG: Interleaved black lines when playing video at full screen

suspect that the following problem is an nVidia driver problem and would like to get other people's inputs here.

I have been using mplayer to play back avi clips and dvds.

Mplayer displays videos perfectly sharp when playing AVI files or DVDs at normal size.

When I try to play at double-screen size or full-screen size
(1280x1024), the picture doesn't seem to scale properly. Looking
closely at the screen, it seems that instead of properly scaling the
picture, 1 pixel thin horizontal black lines are interleaved between
every few original image lines in a regular pattern. It looks
somewhat like this (where even between the closest-spaced black lines, there are perhap 5 or 6 normal image lines):





The effect is worse at full-screen than at double-screen. The result
is that the picture looks very jagged and blurry and thus is almost
impossible to view.

I have tried playing with some of the options on the gmplayer menu
e.g. turning on/off interleaving, adjusting cache size, turning on/off
direct rendering, adjusting postprocessing...

I am running RH8.0/Linux2.4.20 on a P4 2.53GHz with 1Gig PC2700 DRAM
and a Leadtek Ultra A250 GF4 (nvidia 4600) graphics card running the
latest nvidia drivers (NVIDIA_GLX-1.0-4191.i386.rpm

I am using the following packages downloaded from

I suspect that this is more of a driver than an mplayer problem.
Any thoughts on what might be going on here???
Fedora Core6/Linux 2.6.x
nVidea driver: 9631
Asus P4PE motherboard
Intel P4 2.8GHz
1.5GB PC2700 DDR Kingston
Leadtek Ultra A250 GF4 4600 128MB with VIVO/TVO
WinFast TV2000XP Deluxe
Dell 1901FP 19" LCD
Antec 400W Power Supply
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