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Venturi, I think that I speak for everyone who reads your posts that you are doing us all an awesome favor. Everytime anyone asks you for some benches, you do whatever you can to get them ASAP...

Thanks bro!

I was wondering if you could tell us all how well your 275 DC Opterons overclock.

Also, how did you get all of this hardware? Doing a rough estimate of your system at market values, I get about $10,000. That's not even counting all of the hardware that you constantly trade in! I know that you won't discuss the price of your system, and I agree with you fully. I'm not asking you to confirm a price point, I just want to know if all of your equipment was bought personally or if you are connected (As you appear to be).

Last question: I am a linux newbie. I am having trouble running my Athlon 64 Proc on 64 Bit Linux Installs on my Geforce 6600 GT. There is a problem addressed by nvidia with Geforce 6 Series of GPUS and 64 Bit Linux Installs. Using the same Linux OS, I can load the 32bit version (i386 or i586) but not the 64 bit version due to video problems. I just wanna know if you experienced any problems with your 6800 Ultras And/Or Quadro FX 4400's

Whoever you want me to kill, I will for that system.

Just kidding of course. NICE COMPUTER!
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