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Thanks a lot Venturi!

Maybe I'll try Suse 9.3, being that it was JUST released. I already tried Suse 9.2 Pro. I did try Centos 4.0 and it was just released but who knows, mebbe it'll work. Thanks for the link too. Much appreciated.

Originally Posted by Venturi
I will answer the third question as accuratly as I can while still remaining vague:

No, I did not spend as much on the box as you might expect - most of it was done through relationships and leveraged positions. It wasn't free either. But I really am enthusiastic when it comes to this stuff.
That was exactly what I was looking for

Oh yeah, one more question... You've been posting tons of benches for your system, but your system is so damn advanced that it's impossible to compare it to other benchmarks lol... I was curious as to which was faster for gaming in windows: Your 6800 Ultra SLI Setup or your Quadro FX 4400 SLI setup?

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