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Default Stupid question about GeForce Ti4200...

Well, a couple of stupid questions actually, some stuff I want to clear my mind of:-

My friend has a GeForce Ti4200 (128MB). His Mobo (Gigabyte... can't remember the model of the top of my head) only supports AGP 4x, but if I'm right the Ti4*** series are AGP 8x- am I right here?

Next question: His Forceware drivers (he's using 71.89) point out that his GPU is in fact a Quadro XGL... Did the older versions of the Quadro come at a much lower price than the current FX 4*** line do (i.e over 1,500)?

Here's the really, really newbie-ish question: Does his card support DirectX 9.0x? He has a few issues with certain games, in particular MoH Allied Assault, where none of the game's textures show up and all you can see is a yellow 'wireframe' around everything... lots of weird stuff. The point is, I've questioned whether his card his even 9.0 compatible... something I should probably already know (but I'm too lasy to browse through Wikipedia ). OR: Is it the fact that he's using a Quadro affect the games? I've heard of people running games just fine on workstation graphics cards before, but in his case this could be the issue...

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