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Originally posted by botio
the "debian way":

1- get packages for nvidia drivers:
apt-get install nvidia-kernel-src nvidia-glx-src

these packages doesn't contain the drivers, but they will assist download and compilation.

packages in woody install version 2880 of nvidia drivers.
if you want the latest version, get debs from here:
and install them with dpkg -i

2- RTFM:
follow instructions in:
getting the drivers, compiling them: all is automatic! and it makes packages (easily upgradable or removable)

note you must have kernel headers or source for your running kernel to compile the kernel module .

then modify your XF86Config-4 file with vi , your favorite editor
nvidia readme is in: /usr/doc/nvidia-glx/README.gz)
that's all!

note that kernel-package contains great tools (make-kpkg) to compile kernels and make debs with them.
got an issue with the fine manual here..... step 6 says:

6. Then build nvidia-kernel package:

cd <YOUR BUILD LOCATION>/modules/nvidia-kernel-1.0.4191
debian/rules binary_modules
that doens't really figure ...ive got debhelper but sadly ive got no idea how to build a deb or use it.

also, i prefer vim.
Using debian-sid with abit siluro gf4 ti4600.
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