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Originally Posted by Venturi
That was a very unbiased and objective review Augustus.

I'm very pleased with the dual core performance on my Suse 9.3, and the Windows 2003 64 ent server official runs alright as well.

Any word on SLI through Linux from nvidia?

Anyhow, I just got my dual core 275 (how did you get (2) 875???) and I look forward to exploring things with them this weekend.

Jay Venturi
Thank you, I do my best.

SLI for Linux us on the wat but don't expect full SLI support till July. There will be Quad monitor support with OpenGL support across all 4 before that though.

I got my 875s through the usual PR, hardware review channel. And how did you get 275s?


You shouldn't have ant problems with NVIDIA cards under 64-bit Linux. What issues are you seeing?
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