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Well, Option "NvAGP" "0" crashes on my setup, same as always.
If it works for you though, that might be significant: like maybe I have a damaged card and you don't. I kinda doubt it, but still...
(People talk about these cards overheating, but a couple days ago I tried opening the case and directing a very powerful fan right onto the mobo... I could see a major diff in cpu/mobo temp but no difference in the crashing. If anything it crashed quicker.)

The one major difference between our systems is: my Ti-4200 has never worked in OpenGL without crashes seconds into launching the opengl app.
Yours used to work. I can't account for that.

2morrow I will try a GF3 on this system, and my ti4200 on win98 and an sis735 just to make sure it's alright. I already know in my heart it will work fine --just like yours does in W2K.

I'm getting pretty fed up with Nvidia Linux "support".

BTW: what kind of powersupply are you using?
Not that it really matters since it's clear that the card and motherboard work just fine together under Windows.

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