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Originally Posted by Ghosthunter
I might try it for fun...but I am not big into MMORPG that dont charge a monthly fee...just means be a bunch of kids..and worst kinds who dont care what kind of rep they get kind of like diablo crowd. Also how does that profit model work? How are they able to make money yet still be able to produce content, fix bugs and have a stable platform?
Well considering that its NOT A MMORPG, there is not profit model, It's a Diablo type game with no SP, only MP. The world is not unlimited and the amount of players limited to the world is limited aswell to around 24 (think it might be 32 but I dout it).

They plan to support the game through expansions just like Diablo did and hopefully more constant patches then Diablo (those long waits are what killed D2 for me).

Anyway, I always need a hack and slash game to play when I don't really want to think.
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