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Default Nvidia 4191 driver installation report ( Dell Inspiron 8200 )

Thanks to NVidia for providing Linux support

After reading past threads in this forum, I can note that my prefenreces are:

1. I build everything from source ( since binaries are not "one size fit all", and I believe compiling is the way to go. ( I even compile my own compiler :-) )

2. No distro preference ( I have my own custom kernel on top of a red hatish installation ) Although I really like FReeBSD and Open BSD

3. The RPM package managment implementation just doesn't work for me. That's one of the main reasons I learned how to compile stuff in the first place.

That said, the NVidia report:

My environment:

Dell Inspiron 8200
NVidia GForce4 Go

Linux 2.4.19 kernel
4191 Nvidia driver


I was running a successful installation of the older Nvidia drivers, and I had no problems at all. Once I installed the new 4194 driver ( from tar.gz ), X started just fine, but it will die after a couple of minutes. I realized it died because of a command that controls my fans 'i8kfan' which is included in the i8ktools ( i8k module ) ( goodies for Dell Laptops ). My first assumption was that, somehow, the 'i8k' module was conflicting with the new 'nvidia' one. I was about to reinstall my old nVidia drivers when I stumbled into this forum :-), and I read a lot of good threads ( thanks to everybody out there : this is the best way toget troubleshooting info ) Then, I erased this line from my XFreeconfig-4:

#Section "DRI"
# Mode 0666

This worked for me and vanished my initial assumption about 'i8k' conflicting with 'nvidia'.

Usage, performance:

[root@MALELT /]# glxgears
4812 frames in 5.0 seconds = 962.400 FPS
5599 frames in 5.0 seconds = 1119.800 FPS
5565 frames in 5.0 seconds = 1113.000 FPS
5619 frames in 5.0 seconds = 1123.800 FPS

I use WMaker as a Window environment ( cuz I think it rulez and it works very well for what I do ). I did notice some problems trying to resize windows, but I probably need to reboot to fix that ;-) . As a desktop environment I use gnome2. It works well for me although I haven't been able to compile the latest and greatest ( darn it! )

About Nautilus, as I soon as I started it my Wmaker backgrounds ( I set them up with my wm not my dEnv ) disappeared automatically, and they were replace by a solid background ( again I am running gnome2 ) , and I suppose the code does that somehow ( although I'm not sure ). I didn't experience any lag thereofre, but then again, I am not a nautilus fan or user

About remote displays, I use VNC to control my Windows box, and it looks great. I notice a little lag but it's network not video related.

About performance, I didn't know about glxgears until I read this forum, so I don't know the values from my last Nvidia driver, but I played a movie and my "gutt" impression was that it was the same as before; even though, I was running a VNC session, the movie, a bunch of WMAker dock apps.. ( long life to the linux kernel ;-) )

This is all I have to say about my installation ( kind of long but one never knows what may be useful to others ... )

Have a great day
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--George Berkeley

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