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Default Re: Everest's GPU Core Temp Report

Originally Posted by einstein_314
I have exactly the same problem. It reports the GPU temp about 10C below what it actually is. I'm using the same version as you. I had an older edition (v1.51), but it didn't even have the GPU temps.

EDIT: Clay, how do you manage to get your GPU temp so low? My ultra is idling at 53C with a NV5 Silencer that I filed, sanded and polished for hours.
Thanks for the info, I saw your posts in the "Useful Software" thread but I thougth I start a thread on this specifically. With SpeedFan you can edit the temps it reports with an offset +/- as you may need to get it right. Everest might have this too but I've not looked yet.

As for my temps...hee hee...sorry, I'm actually watercooling right now so my sig is a bit misleading.
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