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Default Re: Who has faster multitasking OS/2 or Linux or Windows XP

actually, the "true" answer from a technical standpoint is freebsd/mac comes out on top, then windows, then linux. the reason why windows is slightly faster than linux at multitasking is because linux uses what's called "preemptive multi-tasking". basically what this means is, the linux kernel always maintains 100% control of the program. in a windows os, the kernel gives the processor to a program, then tells it to pass it on until it gets back around. this is slightly faster, but gives the possibility that a single application can take down the entire computer. in linux this is not possible because the kernel never releases the processor to an application exclusively. therefore, in order to crash linux, you would have to crash the kernel itself.

freebsd i am not sure if it uses pre-emptive multitasking or not, but the kernel of freebsd has a very good scheduler, which allows for more efficiant use of the processor than linux and windows, giving you more work for less cpu cycles. (which is why macintosh computers can have a lower mhz rating and still keep up with faster comps). i can't validate that last point about freebsd, but i can definitely say the difference between windows and linux multitasking is if they are preemptive or not.
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