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Default Re: New Demo: VS3.0 Displacement Mapping

It seems to act like the stained shadow map demo in that after it crashes, it's like it has used all the available memory in the system. It takes the system a while to become responsive again.

<+>Registering data path -> Data/XML/
<+>Registering data path -> Data/Textures/
<+>Registering data path -> Data/Shaders/
<+>Registering data path -> Data/Models/
<+>Creating GL Window
<+>->width: 800, height: 600
<+>->XLocation: 240, YLocation: 212
<+>->Depth bits: 24, Alpha bits: 0
<+>->Color bits: 32, Stencil bits: 8
<+>Loaded Texture2D file at -> GUIElements.png
<!>GL_EXT_framebuffer_object not supported
<+>Successfully linked the shaders -> Data/Shaders/Velocity.xml
<+>Successfully linked the shaders -> Data/Shaders/Location.xml
<!>Shader Program Info Log:
Fragment info
(56) : fatal error C9999: *** exception during compilation ***

<!>Error while linking shaders <Data/Shaders/Normals.xml VERTEX SHADER>and <Data/Shaders/Normals.xml FRAGMENT SHADER>
<+>Loaded TextureCubeMap at ->Data/Textures/greecePX.png
<+>Adding shape to TransformGroup
<+>Adding Group to TransformGroup
<!>Couldn't locate the texture file at <sphereBu.tga>even with a look up
<!>invalid texID, Texture::setID(GLuint texID)
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