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Default Re: Is it worth the money? (TI4200 vs. FX5200)

Been a long time since I posted in this thread, and I upgraded my system, with a Barton running at 2.13ghz (185x11.5, most stable overclock) with a ABIT KV7 motherboard. Runs like a charm, and at stock speeds got nearly 11k 3dmarks. Very nice! The FX5200 doesn't even work with this motherboard, for that I'm glad. Paired up with a new stick of 256 (total of 512mb now, but more will probably go in soon), everything runs nicer and faster. Almost every game I've thrown at it runs at high details, 800x600 with no problems, except a select few new games like Brothers in Arms which only hit 'barely playable' with bloom effects on. Which is strange, but they run without the extra gloss, so I'm still happy.
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