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Default Re: Trying to make headway into finding the Xid crashes source...


Originally Posted by gilboa
Pete H,
When you play games on 6.8.1, and the game crashes, does the X go down with it? Do you get Xid errors?
Yes, the X-Server goes down too, but I always run games on a secound X-Server (using xgame) so when the game crashes it just goes back to my other X-Server with Xfce running on it. The X-Server has to end when the process is gone it was hosting. Back in Xfce I can just start the game again and keep on playing. The computer doesn't crash just the game and the second X-Server, and the X-process doesn't eat up the CPU-power as it did with 6.8.2. I don't know for sure if the crashing game produces Xid errors because I just upgraded my OS and I don't have my old log-files anymore... But I'm pretty sure it does. I will check on that when I have some more time to play...

I can produce Xid errors (6 and 23) when I have one X-Server on F7 (2D Xfce) and one X-Server on F8 (3D Doom3) and I keep switching between the 2 X-Servers. But this neither crashes the X-Server with 2D nor the one with 3D! Both stay happy and alive... When I used 6.8.2 switching led to crashes almost always.

The game crashes only occure while I play and they are rather rare (once or twice when I play for hours).

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