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Arrow F***ing lamers

I decided to test the NV4 on one of my 5800 Ultras. WTF?

Arctic cooling claims that the NV4 fits the 5800 and 5800 Ultra, but the NV4 clearly was designed ONLY for the 5900, with no regard for the 5800. The screws on the NV4 don't line up with any of the holes through the 5800 PCB, and the NV4's raised areas for contact with the RAMs aren't aligned with any of the BGA memories on a 5800 video card!

It's not like I have custom 5800 Ultras. Every 5800 and 5800 Ultra in the world uses the same PCB, because NVIDIA didn't trust any OEM with the 12-layer reference design. It appears that Arctic Cooling never saw a 5800 before they claimed the NV4 cooler works on one.

This is so ****ing lame.
This is so ****ing lame.
This is so ****ing
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