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Smile Re: Remote GLX apps from IRIX and Solaris crash 4191 (sig11)!


Thanks for the reply.. now at least I know that I'm not dreaming.
I have another machine that also has 4191 but with kernel-2.4.18-18.7.xsmp and a Quadro4 750XGL. I will check to see
if I can reproduce this on that other machine.. If the problem is in
4191, then it's really really bad.. I thought the problem was in my
configuration or perhaps in the -19.7.x kernel from Redhat but I
did not think that this could come from the driver.. *Sigh*. Thanks.

BTW: I e-mailed linux-bugs@nvidia just after I posted here.. So perhaps I'll get a reply..

Vincent S. Cojot,
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