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Default Doom 3 quality mod (3rd party) for ATI and XGI cards

click here to read more information about 3mood for NV4x and NV3x cards!

I did "universal" ARB2 path (texture indirections workaround for ATI cards) for ATI (R3xx and R4xx) and XGI (Volari) cards but I don't know does it really work. This only add High Quality specular in Doom3. Also I don't know anything about performance (no performance addons). So, ATI and XGI card's owners... lets beta test it!

Please, post your suggestions, comments and feedbacks here!

Download Interaction.vfp for ATI and XGI cards

(copy this file to 'Doom 3/base/glprogs' directory and your ready to go
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