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Default Re: *** Official Guild Wars Thread ***

Originally Posted by Slybri
If they charged a monthly fee for this, I wouldnt touch it. But I was bored silly and it was my birthday.. so what the heck... I bought it.
Played it for a few hours, relatively boring so far. The world is beautiful, but it feels so...dead.
Other Players all look pretty much the same, since you can only be human. The NPC's are totally speechless, not so much as a "hello there," which hurts the atmosphere of the game.
No vocal emotes from the PC's either, so it's deadly a world full of deaf mutes..breakdancing deaf mutes.
I haven't even seen any elves yet! How can you have a fantasy RPG without ELVES?!
No where near as fun as WoW, but what is?

Heard they are working on Diablo just wait for that...
Gothic has no elves.
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