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Default Half-Life 2 - non-official DirectX9 patch
Patch Half-Life 2 Knyz improving your config
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NON OFFICIAL Patch for Half-Life 2 carried out by Knyz and intended for all platforms (ATI and nVidia, AMD and INTEL).

List improvements:

Activation of the HDR For all the compatible charts

New performances for geforces 6/FX

Better management of the shaders for geforce fx

Compatible DX9 all Chart FX (except 5200/5500/5600)

Support ATI hdr

New management of water

Activation of the parallax mapping

Removed Stutering

Optimization for the processors amd and INTEL

White line removed

The file must be to install with:

C:\Program Files\Steam\SteamApps\\Half-life2\bin

For those which would not be reassured, you can safeguard the files dxsupport.cfg + stshader_dx9.dll before the installation! After installation, you will have only to recopy these two files to find your configuration of origin.

*** Mirror 1 - (source: )
*** Mirror 2 - (source: )
This patch works as advertised (at least on GF6 & GF-FX 5900XT.

A very nice piece of work. Managed to do what lard-arse Gabe and his "shady" programmers couldn't/wouldn't.
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