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Default Re: *** Official Guild Wars Thread ***

yea, I got bored in the tutorial part.. after about level 6 I decided to "continue on", even though I didn't explore some of the parts/do all the quests.. Then it got much more intresting.

Now I'm a level 10 N/R with a level 9 pet. I was stuck around level 8 or so, till I went up north to Piken Square myself.. Ooof, that was a rough journey to do alone as a level 8 and 9 N/R..After getting some armor and marching thru myself to Piken square, I jumped to level 10, and now its manageble. I basically used life syphon, blood sac, vampire gaze, and my pet to "tank" thru it. I'm going to do all the side stuff now, to make sure I get all the skills and such.

I've been doing almost all the side stuff by myself though.. once in a while, I'll join a group to enter some area that I'm having difficulty with.

"Mr Skeptopotamus" is my name.. hehe

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