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Default Re: *** Official Guild Wars Thread ***

Originally Posted by Clay
That sounds promising, please keep us updated on your thoughts. Someone going from not liking it to now actually liking it says something for this game.
The best way I could summarize this game is Phantasy Star Online with better graphics and much deeper character development (and a LOT more to do). The combat system is almost identical to World of Warcraft. Story-wise the game is moderately interesting (so far, I only played for a couple hours last night and most of that time was spent climbing the learning curve). I'm a level 6 Ranger/Elementalist and it's a ton of fun to rain fire down on my enemies while my pet mauls them and then proceed to shoot them all dead.

I have yet to team up with anyone. I'm trying to get my friends to buy this so hopefully that'll be solved soon!
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