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Default Re: Trying to make headway into finding the Xid crashes source...

Ok I think I have found the definite solution to the problem.

Its not DPMS. That merely coincided with some other alterations I did.

The solution is to make sure the GFX card has its own, unshared interrupt. As the problem in fact seems to be about interrupt handling, I went to assign the different PCI slots distinct IRQs and turn acpi off. now cat /proc/interrupts shows that nvidia has its own unshared interrupt, where as before it would share with the sound card - emu10k1 (SB Live)
The SB Live is famous for being a real ressource hog on the PCI bus.

I'm not too much into assigning IRQs in linux, if someone knows how to do it the correct way (hard-assign IRQs for different pci devices via linux / acpi) please post.

gl-117 works no problem, tested high gfx settings and low. what used to crash me the fastest was the doom 3 menu, which works fine too

the IRQ error has been proofed by going back to having sb live share IRQ with the nvidia card and get the well known crashes back. I don't know if its an AGPGart problem something else with my hardware, but my guess is the problem lies in the nvidia drivers.
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