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Default Re: Trying to make headway into finding the Xid crashes source...

I don't think it is a PCI IRQ problem. This is what I have:
  0:    5277376          XT-PIC  timer
  1:       6152          XT-PIC  i8042
  2:          0          XT-PIC  cascade
  5:      20092          XT-PIC  uhci_hcd, uhci_hcd, eth0, EMU10K1
  7:      53522          XT-PIC  libata
  9:          0          XT-PIC  acpi
 11:     318353          XT-PIC  nvidia
 12:      68695          XT-PIC  i8042
 14:        520          XT-PIC  ide0
 15:      38827          XT-PIC  ide1
NMI:          0
LOC:          0
ERR:          0
MIS:          0
which if I am correct has IRQ 11 for only Nvidia. Of course I have no more Xid's anymore thank god, but that is only since I hardcoded AGP to 2x instead of 4x and turned off 'AGP Fast Wires'. Altought IRQ sharing might still be a problem cause my system intermittedly crashes when I plug in an USB stick (and its irq is shared if I read this table correctly).

I am no linux expert though, just telling my experiences.

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