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Default Re: Any way to make the fan on a 6800 *always* run at 100%? BIOS? Something?

If you want the fan to initialise at 100% by 6800 bios mod, then first highlight 2D/3D core speed in NiBiTor's Hex Editor (shown in green), then look at the four bit binary string immediately preceeding the speed string. The first 2 bit part of this string influences fan speed and will typically be "35" for 2D and "64" for 3D. Where the "64" value sets max volts (or 100%), and the "35" in this instance represents approx 53% of max. Can be verified using the Rivatuner Hardware montor.

The second 2 bit part of the string, for anyone interested, is the Performance Level Volts Indicator value for that particular mode (typically 6E, 78, 82 or 8C).
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