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Originally Posted by carkis
Well I finally hit 60 and can log anywhere I want cuz rest state doesn't matter anymore

By the time I hit 60 I had already attempted Dire Maul 4 times and I still haven't tried Blackrock Depths. People need tanks pretty bad for the new high instance. The problem is people trying to do the north side for the tribute. Most people know about the good drops, but don't know about the incredible planning needed to beat it. My guild is so small that I can only run in pickup groups, and it hurts.

People rushing thinking they can take the world is only rewarded by frequent wipes. Those ogres hit very hard, and tanks/healers suck it up. A sheep and charm that release too early can easily mean the end for a fresh 60's group. My first run was incredibly successful, but subsequent runs went to crap.

I've noticed a very good group is Mage, Priest, Warrior, Hunter, Warlock. Anyone else done DM and have suggestions? I last attempted West with 2 Shaman, 1 Warrior, 1 Mage, 1 Druid and we were annihilated. Resists are a must and I have none.

BTW the ogre dance pwns
I did DM N about 3 weeks ago (60 Warrior) to get the Unfinished Business Quest finished. We did a tribute run. We skipped the first guard and killed all the bugs. Worked our way around to the second guard and had a hunter run up and grab the courtyard key when the guard was patrolling. Made our way into the next chamber and set/fixed the broken trap - freezing the third guard. I put on the Ogre suit and talked to Captain who went running off. We made our way to the King and had the hunter's pet off tank the King's advisor as not to kill him and the rest of us pounded the king.

Let me tell you it is worth the trouble. The loot was incredible at the end. I personally received Treant's Bane (epic 2h axe) and the Band of the Ogre King, as well as getting Gordok's Gauntlets which have a 1 percent chance to crit. We did this our first time through and didn't wipe once. The party consisted of 2 warriors, a hunter, a shaman and a druid. I have both the reaper and Treant's Bane and even though the Reaper has better burst damage, I seem to do better with Treant's Bane in PvP due to the faster speed and the extra 2 percent chance to crit. There isn't a day that goes by where someone doesn't comment on the axe - it is very unique looking.

To do the tribute run - you must not kill any of the named guards or the Kings advisor (who is a shaman and will heal the King if you ignore him).
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