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Originally Posted by K007
Gamespot gave GW 9.2/Editors Choice. I LOL at all the WoW hardcore fans that kept saying GW will be a complete disaster.

After you hit L60 in WoW, its pretty much gameover.

PS:I have a L58Rogue/L60 Warrior, and this game sux after that. End game in WoW is grind...End game in GW is PvP..and pvp is the only reason why i play online for .

Well since the Honor System went into effect the endgame for WoW is pretty much PVP albeit a zerg fest most of the time, but most 60's (L 60 Warrior here as well) are now ganking for HK's and Contribution points.

Anyway, I picked up GW yesterday and the world does seem silent and empty. The no jump is irritating to say the least. Maybe it just takes a while to get used to... right now I am a 4th level Nec and can't decide what other skill I should add to that - ranger maybe?
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