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Default Re: *** Official Guild Wars Thread ***

Originally Posted by GlowStick
I havnet looked into this game untill last night. My Clan (witch plays alot of games not just one) suddenly got hooked on it. We never had so many people buy and like a single game before. It seems our hardcore FPS and MMO people are spending alot more time on it than other games.

In that case, I belive im gonna have to pick it up hopefully today (just an excuse to go to frys).

One thing i wonder is,

By them not charging a fee, they must not be useing much network resoruces, if anyone could clear it up id love it.

But from what i hear of the gameplay, im lead to belive that only in cities are you on a central server, but when you go out to do missions, you pritty much disconnect and are in a like single player mode OR with a group (witch im guessing its Peer To Peer to save money)

Only other thing is, i hope patches arnet like a bittorrent etc.
That's funny, today at lunch two other guys at work and I went out and bought it at the same time.

I've been reading about it so much to figure out if I'd like it or not that I finally decided to go for it. They're both going to blame me if it sucks.

As for patches, my understanding is that it would be a fairly seamless update from the server (there's only one...or just one server farm location, etc) that you would see automatically happen when you're in the game or when you logged on the next time.

UPDATE: Here is a blurb about how patches are applied...
From the last page of this review:
Guild Wars is a technical marvel, not just because its splintered gameplay makes it possible for everyone to play on a single server, but because its streaming technology makes installation and logging in a breeze. Entering the game world takes just a second or two, and patching is a seamless, brilliant process that allows you to remain logged in even after a patch is applied. Lag is almost non-existent, with only the occasional rubberbanding marring the most stable online launch in history. During our testing period, it has never been impossible to log in. This is what we should expect from online RPGs, and anything less is an excuse, given Guild Wars’ massive populace.
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