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yesterday I was able to check my ti4200 on another system.
The system was based on a SIS 735 chipset. interestingly, Quake3 Linux version played on this other system for nearly a minute before crashing. The crashing screen looked exactly like it does on my Asus KT333 based system. Blue-green chunks.

Then I installed the card's drivers on the Windows98 system that shares that sis735 hardware. At first I thought aha, bad hardware, since NeedForSpeed / Porsche Unleashed crashed soon after starting. Couple of minutes of play. However this was right after completing the card installation. And I had accidentally left windows at 256 colors. And this is Windows98 after all: it's not really supposed to be stable. After a reboot or two to adjust colors in Windows to 32bit, the card stayed stable while playing that game for multiple races. I couldn't play it hour after hour to check stability under stressful conditions, as there wasn't time, but it was clearly not exhibiting the "crash in 20 seconds or less" behavior it has under Linux.
Unfortunately that was about the only 3d game installed on that Windose system.

I guess my options are to hope Nvidia comes across with support for their product in a timely fashion (oops too late for that! ) or just to chalk this up to experience and buy some Intel hardware they feel like supporting.

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