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Default Re: Trying to make headway into finding the Xid crashes source...

Actually those of us with dual cpu's have 128 IRQ's. I have a pair of athlon mp's myself, and I get the xid crashes. My screen gets relatively colorful, though you can still somewhat see what was on screen at the time. I've tried no apic, no acpi, xorg, xfree, diff window managers etc etc etc. I've never found a workaround. It has done it on gf3's, and my current fx5200. I'm going to just buy an ati card and try that. I cannot play games at all, and even the desktop crashed weekly or so. These drivers haven't worked at all since the 5xxx series for me, but since those drivers dont support this card I am out of luck. I've heard horror stories about getting ATI drivers to work, but I couldnt care less if they are hard to get running if they at least work once you get them going. I haven't used anything but nvidia since the TNT came out, but I'm all done. This card is 100% worthless. I might as well have not have a gui at all.

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