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do you use agpgart or nvidia's builtin agp support?
did you mess with drive strength settings in any way?
do anything unusual to get the drivers working?

what kernel are you using?

are you passing any options to the kernel via lilo/grub?

what i find "funny" is that tom and i have perfectly good hardware, we're not idiots who're incapable of reading documents, and the drivers do NOT work for us in 3d.
With my GF2 MX board, sure it works great. With my GF4 ti board, no it's not working.

I will continue to regard that as non-support for my Nvidia and related standard hardware until they fix it. After all, it works fine in Windows for Tom on the same hardware.
(PS-It seems that nvidia develops gart drivers for Windows. But you can see in the release notes for Linux no mention of Kt333 support unless it's lumped in with a generic support of Kt266...kt333 is hardly new, so i assume that's what they're doing.
Thing is, the gf4 crashes under agpgart just the same.)

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