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Default Re: EQ 2 Expansion Pack and EQ 2 Adventure Pack announced

I love the game and still actually have teh account and game (was planning on selling it but couldn't find the heart), I found nothing really wrong with the game. Its alot better then WoW... Just don't agree with the bull**** called Exchange. Yes for me thats a perfect reason to leave... I don't like supporting a company that would so easily dump its integrity and morals for a quick buck.

Before you say every company would/does that then read the comments on the Exchange by rival developers, many (about all) think its sickening, especially the big players Mythic, Sigil, Blizzard and Turbine. As soon as Vangaurds releases I will be moving to it, WoW is just a time killer for me to play with some of my friends (would play Lineage 2 but its too hard to start from the beginning now).
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