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Default Re: First real image of xbox360, new controller and remote

Why do we have to bring PS3 into this? Its time will come. In anycase got this from TXB.

1. final name: Xbox 360
2. two versions available at launch [confirmed], one with a removable hard drive, one without. A third version with PC features will be released the following year.
3. optional 2.5" harddrive will be required for Xbox backwards compatability
4. console will be platinum white with removable customizable faceplates
5. console will sit horizontally or vertically
6. will include standard wireless controllers
7. 3.0ghz 3 cores IBM CPU with 512mb ram
8. ATI graphics chip
9. will use a standard DVD drive, not HD DVD.
10. will debut on MTV May 12th 9:30 Pacific time
11. release date- November 2005
12. will have wireless LAN and wireless headset
13. will use current Xbox Live servers
14. Square's ex-president, Hironobu Sakaguchi to develop RPGs through MistWalker Studio
15. All games will support Xbox Live.
16. Gamers will be able to purchase character outfits, new game levels or music through Xbox Live. Microsoft will setup a payment system that will easily allow small ticket items to be purchased.
17. 64mb to 1gb memory cards will be used.
18. optional harddrive will be a mp3/media player
19. controllers will have a Xbox Live connect button
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