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Default Re: First real image of xbox360, new controller and remote

Originally Posted by egbtmagus
Tha is one ugly machine and yes the look of the console means something just as much as does the size of it. Im glad I can trust Sony not to create a pile of crap like that...

To kev12dd and madmartyau, where do you get your rumors? What makes you believe the system would be glossy and shiny? No console to date ever was and I dout they would start now since it would look probably worse. As for the skinning of the console, I dout that aswell... I have not heard of anything of that from any reliable source...
If any of you have an X-box right now, look at the controller. Feel the material, look at the material, poke it with your finger a few times. Now go to your X-box. Feel the material, look at it, compare what it felt like to poke the controller with what it feels like to poke the X-box

Notice anything? They are made out of the same stuff pretty much (at least the normal controllers that came with the X-box) and have the same feel almost

Now look at the picture of the controller from the begining of this thread. Notice how it reflects light? Shiny and glossy? And same color as the X-box 360 picture? Why would they have a flat boring plastic X-box 360 with a nice shiny glossy controller?

Mines not a rumor- it's just a self proclaimed chain of logic. At least for the X-box, the contollers and the console are normally made out of the same sort of stuff and look a like

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