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Default Re: First real image of xbox360, new controller and remote

Originally Posted by Nutty
Because unlike last time, xbox360 is nothing like a PC at all. No x86 compatible chips in this one.
It still uses dual core cpu's, a hard drive, an ati video card and memory for texturing, seems like a pc to me.

It's funny, console fan's bash pc's, yet consoles slowly become pc's. Not just the hardware, but look, downloadable skins, content, patches, xbox live, online gaming, and it's just hilarious to walk into a store and hear how psyched some of the people are, OMG!! downloadable skins....Its like duuuude, pc gamers have been doing this stuff for years and years I mean don;t get me wrong, I like a good console every now and then, even though my ps2 is currently collecting it's 5th layer of dust, so yeah, i'm somehwhat biased toward pc gaming-but sh*t, why not? Look at the things you can do and have been able to do on a pc vs. what their finally getting around to doing on a console.

The difference between the two seems simple. Console fan's are like monkey's, they do the little they've been taught and go ape **** insane when introduced to something different and new. They need things to be simple or you lose their attention. Pc gamers are like mechanics, they like to tinker inside " the box " and upgrade it or just put things to their liking inside. We like to have more control over what we use to play a game. And in my travels, i've found pc gamers to be snobby and some what rude, while I've found console gamers easier to chat with, but very lost once "pc" comes up in a coversation. Not here, i'm talking in real life, if u just start to bull**** with a guy @ best buy or compusa. You guys here are alright.

All in all, to me, xbox 360 looks like a pc with a controller instead of a mouse, but that's me.
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