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Default Re: First real image of xbox360, new controller and remote

Originally Posted by LiquidX
PC gaming even though its takes the majority of my time and money I really think has gone to waste. It is not progressing and its not like it has time to make a about face. I cant tell you how pissed I am I cant find a game that comes close to Grim fandango some 7 years after its release. The genre is basiclly dead.

Damn you for making me rant.
I love fps's so I don't mind so much, but you're right, if you aren't a fps'er or rts'er, you're up a creek. But I think that's been obvious for years, it's not like just suddenly pc gaming has focused more on these two generes than anything else. I mean, look at 99% of blockbuster games that started on pc, that got ported over, they've either been fps or rts, doom, doom 2, quake, quake 2, duke nukem, hexen, throw in an oddball like the sims, then warcraft series, age of empire series, diablo, half-life series, unreal series....see what i'm saying? I don't really think it's dying, it's just doing it's thing, seems to have been the focus for a while now. And seeing as games like doom 3, half-life 2, farcry and painkiller are being ported over, I think it's safe to say pc gaming will be alright. It can't die, it's too open. There's too much freedom for developers on pc.

Sorry for making you rant.
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