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GFX 5600 VideoSuite
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Unhappy Re: Asus GeforceFX 5600 VideoSuite (flicker and corruption)

Apparently, the card is still in warranty. Asus gives graphics cards a 3 year warranty (card must have been sold after 2001). Mine was bought at the end of 2003, so its well within the warranty period.

Unfortunately, Asus does not include my country (Greece) within the international warranty

Also, the local Asus importer won't replace my card wasn't bought from their stores (i actualy bought it while i was in the UK).

So, the UK store i got the card from, doesn't offer any support for items outside the UK.

I'm sort of out of luck, unless i give the card to a friend of mine who lives in the UK right now and he returns the card for me.
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