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Default Monitor Resolution


I'm a new Linux user. I've recently installed RedHat 7.2 on a brand new Dell 8250 which includes an NVIDIA GeForec4 MX Video Card. Of course I couldn't run the XServer with the installed drivers so I downloaded the appropriate tarballs, ran make and at long last I've got X Running - life is good!

One small problem though . The monitor displays at 800X600. How can I increase the resolution? I would imagine that I've got to edit XF86Config-4 but I'm not sure exactly what changes to make. I"ve attached the file if anyone wants to try to take a look at it. I tried changing the 'Modes' line near the end to '1400x1050' but not only did it not work but it necesitated remaking the Nvidia Drivers so I'm reluctant to monkey with it further. The monitor is a cheap old 17" Digiview. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance!

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