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Default Re: *THE OFFICIAL* WOW Thread

So I'm sitting in my office comtimplating playing WOW when I came to the realization of how dumb PVP really is. Here is your typical PVP battle.

Alliance player cannot get with in range of Horde so he moves closer to the no-man's land in between the two sides. Alliance player gets too close and either gets rooted or frozen, then Horde warrior charges in along with 50 other horde who then proceed to gange rape him till he dies. After that they run back to their lines in universal triumph that they killed a lvl 52 mage with 50 lvl 60 horde of assorted classes. Repeat this process until you have a zerg, after which all the lvl 40s rejoice in the victory they seem to think they won through their mid lvl status. Oh and I cann't forget the continual body camp of dead horde just trying to get out can't becuase Alliance has 70 lvl 60s waiting in a 50 mile radius to kill off any of those unfortunate enough to be caught behind enemy lines or in a zerg's case in the Inn.

Another favorite of mine is a warrior charges in only to be feared away by a wussy caster. This fear drives you deep into enemy lines where you are gang raped by 50 horde after which the wussy caster brags about his mastery of the fear BUTTON! and his leet skillz in WoW. How ever since most casters know nothing about warriors a good shield bash will stop this and the battle is soon over for the wussy caster, who then tries to arm him self with a dagger to punish the warrior with a horrifying 46 damage points. oh no...
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