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Default 3123 to 4191 Upgrade Problem

Hello everybody,
I was using the 3123 release of the NVIDIA driver and everything was working great.

Recently I tried to upgrade to 4191 using the tar.gz format and X server won't start anymore!!!

I reinstalled both the NVidia_kernel and NVidia_GLX package and I replaced my call to 'modprobe NVdriver' with a 'modprobe nvidia'.

The driver loads but when X starts it displays the NVidia SplashScreen then the X Background and crash immediately after (before showing the login prompt).

I've tried setting the AGP speed to 4x down to 1x when loading the driver but with no good result!

After inspecting the XFree86 log file it seems that it does not load the glx extension and it has problem with my Speedo fonts initialisation.??? (Those problem aren't happening with the old drivers.)

I wanted to update the drivers 3123 cause I suspected these to cause X to crash when I open any text file in any graphical text editor or that I run wine. Anyone has similar problems with the 3123???

Thanks to everyone,

Mr Pink

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