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Default New Demo: Fire and Glow

This demo written in OpenGL displays a string lit on fire and generates a glow effect by using a set of GLSL shaders and ARB programs.

On a configuration equipped with Geforce 6200 and up, this application will use floating point targets to achieve not only glow but also a bloom effect.

I couldn't get any decent performance while blending all fire particles in a float texture on ATi cards, therefore I did fall back to using regular fixed point textures to generate only a glow effect.

Finally, since I have a good heart :P, I did create a non-DX9.0 path for those with older cards even though neither glow nor bloom will be there.

PS: I'll be taking a break from programming until my finals are done in two weeks

EDIT: The string displayed in the demo could be changed through the modification of the title in Data/XML/WInfo.xml




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