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in my case I think nothing is wrong in the
BIOS as the graphic card works with WindowsXP.

Here is some news on "NvAGP = 0":

"NvAGP = 0" did not work with my card.
Still the same black monitor.

I found something very interesting at the
software database at SuSE, though.
(, ?)
There you can find articles on similar problems.

For instance, PCs with Pentium4 CPUs might have
the wrong Linux kernel installed.

Look for "Versions" --> "8.0".

The Nvidia driver might have problems with the
wrong Linux kernel if it is a "SMP" (support multi
processor) kernel. I think in my case I do have
a wrong kernel and I will install one for single
processor machines.

Should you have a Pentium4 (and only one, not more) and SuSE 8.0 then pay attention to your VT login screen. Do you see something about "2.4.18-64GB-SMP"?

This would indicate that you have a kernel for
multi processor support.
Also you can issue the command "procinfo".
That will tell you details about your kernel.
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