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Default Re: *THE OFFICIAL* WOW Thread

Originally Posted by s-flow
Im a mmorpg newbee with a couple of questions.

1. I play as a LV13 human priest, does this mean my only armor will be cloth.. ever?
(all the powerfull armor I find is mail or leather )
also is the maces, wands, daggers and staves the only weapons I could
ever use? as I read the manual it is..?

If so, that means I will not be able to make own armor in any way

It feels like the proffesions is pretty useless as I get poorly paid by the
dealers for things Iv made (mining->blacksmithing).
Yes, you are stuck with cloth. You shouldn't need more. Certain classes get upgrades, like shaman get to wear mail at lvl 40. I'm certain that Mages, Priests, and Warlocks are stuck at cloth. If you took up tailoring, you can make your own armor. The things you should look for most in armor are intelligence and spirit boosts, not armor rating or other stats. You are not meant to take damage, you stay back and hit from afar.

Also, when you create items using your profession, you shouldn't sell to vendors. Put the item up for auction at the auction house in ironforge. You may not get a good response, however, until you get to a higher skill level in your profession. Good luck!
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