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Default Re: *THE OFFICIAL* WOW Thread

Originally Posted by carkis
I wish the odds were that way on my server. The number of Humans outnumber the number of total Horde on Suramar, especially at lvl 50-60

In PVP groups I tend to use berserk stance more so I can break fear and punish that caster with intercept, crits & whirlwind. Unless you have a healer that actually heals instead of dealing damage, shield warriors don't do much on the field. Defense stance is absolutely useless except for disarm. I do tend to be a big target and often go down quick however being a tauren with a huge glowing polearm sticking off my back

The real killer for me in pvp is the casters who aoe the field and it's over. You can't find them because of the crowd and your whole group dies off in seconds. I tend to see mages with highest rank because they kill a lot, finishing them off while melee fall.

It is totally true. Warriors get the pipe so bad. We're the first to die and the casters get first dibs on running away. If you are a decent warrior who pulls to save the party you know this and have to accept it. In instance runs I pay 1-3g in repairs depending on how good the healer is at keeping me alive.

I'm not at endgame and I still see a lot of cool stuff I could do. Sorry you guys aren't having as much fun as I am now. I am having a blast doing Dire Maul; it's gotta be my favorite instance although I haven't touched Blackrock at all. It just hasn't got boring yet

BRD sucks balls. I avoid it like the plague.
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