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Default Re: *THE OFFICIAL* WOW Thread

Originally Posted by UDawg
Do you know what Intimedating Shout is for? It is for fighting bosses so you can fear the adds away and get 6 seconds of dps out of the group on the boss. It is not a I'm in over my head and all I have is cloth armor caster talent. It fears every one away but the person you tagged. It is mean to give the group a fighting chance to kill the boss. Now that you know what it is for doesn't your comment seem a bit silly. In fact you whole post is silly. We have some thing that is called Challenging Shout. You use it to pull EVERY MOB IN THE AREA TO THE WARRIOR! It saves wussy caster's butts and many times kills the warrior and we do this to save the healers that we can't pull 2 or 3 mobs off of. If it is a mage I won't use this talent to save them... they can die, same with locks but druids and priest I will take one for the team. you don't hear casters taking one for the team, only warriors do and then no one helps us with our repair bill. Casters have a little talent called "eww get a way from me you nasty brute" and then they spam and yell "GET IT OFF ME! GET IT OFF ME!" yet it is usuall the stupid caster that aggroed by standing in a DUMB spot. A good warrior makes the group work well. A bad warrior distroys the group unless. So don't give me this warriors are wussies. We take the punishment and pull more and more to us.

Here is my quetion, why do pallys always run up ahead to the mob when a warrior pulls a mob? They do this and it stops the mob from coming to the group. Instead we have a pally and a mob way out infront of the area the warrior wants to pull the mob to. I don't get it, STAY THE HELL BACK! and don't attack the mob until the warrior hits one then you can slaughter them.

lol, ok....
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